THE ARCHANGEL LEGACY: English detective/mystery
An unholy tale of murder and blackmail is an edgy suspense for detective-fiction fans.

The Archangel Legacy follows a flawed protagonist, as he hunts down a dangerous serial killer. Ricky a troubled teenager escapes from an orphanage, in Yorkshire, and stows away on a lorry to London, where a priest arranges for him to stay in St. Bartholomew’s Outreach home for boys. While at the home, Ricky befriends a 100- year- old Jeremiah, a founding member of the home. Jeremiah learns of Ricky’s secret, that at 12 years of age he suffocated his mother while she was in a drunken stupor. Jeremiah eases Ricky’s guilt by absolving him of his mortal sin and in return, Ricky agrees to carry on Jeremiah’s mission as an agent on earth for the Archangel Gabriel. When Jeremiah dies, the psychologist at the home persuades Ricky through hypnosis, to fulfill his pledge to Jeremiah, and to prevent three girls from spreading gossip about the church choirmaster. Ricky has no choice; he must silence the girls before they expose the choirmaster’s guilt. Detective Ross Kincaid, with the help of sergeant Ruth Gannon, investigate the murder of first, teenage girl, and soon after a second girl is found, the detectives realise they are in a race against time to prevent a third murder. Before they solve the crimes there are some surprising twists that await them.

THE CHATHAM INCIDENT: International Spy/Mystery
Jon Thatcher’s race against time to prevent the Middle East turmoil from escalating to World War Three by secret organizations within Mosad called Metsada, and the Arabian faction called the Herepin. Jon must locate the principals involved and trace their organization in the high echelons of power in London. A Deftly constructed story at 168 pages the Chatham Incident is being aggressively promoted to the appropriate markets with focus on the spy & espionage category.

THE CASTLEPORT MURDERS: English detective/mystery
The usually tranquil and favoured seaside resort town of Castleport on the south coast of England is in shock by the successive murders of three young women, sex trade workers. Castleport is a desired location, and boasts vacation homes for members of Parliament and CEO’s of large Corporations. It did not take long before the concerns reached the highest levels in Westminster.

English detective/mystery

A suspicious death of a prominent landowner on Mallard Island shatters the normal tranquil island community. A special police investigation reveals deep secrets, intrigue and involvement of the mainland criminal organization, the result is an unusual twist of events that change the lives of certain people forever.

A review by Kevin Grant from Burnaby, British Colombia; I had the opportunity to read the autobiography titled Rainbows End, and in reading this life story, what surprised me was the candor and willingness of the writer to bare his soul. I thoroughly enjoyed reading this book about overcoming the difficulties in his formative years, and the triumphs over adversity. The story as written is put together in an effective and appealing style. I wholeheartedly agree with the authors desire to have his story available to all readers. As an immigrant myself, I believe this book is an essential read for all immigrants, and especially those from the British Isles.

A review by E. Fisher London England; An interesting, and absorbing read into the writers psyche, a courageous journal, that lets you feel the pain, and joy of his journey, and how he overcame his long held fears and demons. Bravo a job well done.

An unknown reviewer comments; a great read and a moving story that deserves to be read and available in the libraries.

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